BASIL & LIME is a modern restaurant with Thai contemporary cuisine. In spite of being a contemporary restaurant, we would still like to keep what is best in Thai food, i.e. unique, authentic taste.


BASIL &LIME kitchen is headed by a Thai expat - Thanawat Na Nagara (also known as Chef Big) with over 20 years of experience, not only as a chef and executive chef but also as a Thai cuisine instructor in Poland and abroad. Chef Big comes from Bangkok, Thailand and started his culinary journey in the early 90’s, when the first Thai restaurant (BUA KHAO) opened in Cairo, Egypt in 1991. A small family-owned restaurant turned into a chain of Thai Restaurants with branches in the Middle East, Turkey and Australia. And it is there that he gained his invaluable experience both as a chef and restaurant business owner. In 2004, he decided to move to live in Poland and his career had developed even further - from heading the kitchen in popular Asian restaurants in Warsaw to Thai food training and master classes across the country to cooking demonstrations for VIPs.


Basil & Lime is the first modern as well as the youngest Thai cuisine restaurant in Poland to have been awarded with the THAI SELECT seal of approval bestowed by the Royal Thai Government to the best Thai restaurants around the world. THAI SELECT certifies that not only the food, but also the hospitality and the atmosphere of the restaurant meet the strict guidelines set forth by the Royal Thai Government. For the past 4 consecutive years we have also been recommended by the Gault et Millau Yellow Guide Poland.


The name chosen for the restaurant is composed of two essential Thai food ingredients: Thai (holy or sweet) basil and limes. It is meant to bring memories of food that is fresh and delicious even if the association with Thai food doesn’t seem obvious at first glance.


Our menu is composed of items that are a must-have for any Thai restaurant as well as innovative contemporary dishes that can’t be found anywhere else in town. Our food takes traditional taste to a new contemporary level with especially selected ingredients and innovative ways of presentation. We do not add MSG to our dishes.


We care for maintaining the authentic taste of our dishes, including their spiciness. Our friendly staff will always ask for the level of spiciness that you would like your meal to be prepared at. We use a Thai scale of Mild, Medium, Spicy or VERY Spicy. Items marked with the Red Hot Chili Pepper symbol traditionally contain chili peppers and will lose their authentic taste if served mild. You can choose the spiciness level of your dish at your own preference.